Buy Canada PR Blank Card With UV
The PR card is normally valid for five years. However, it may be valid for one year for those whose PR status is being assessed by the IRCC.
As permanent residents must meet the residency obligation (minimum of 730 days in every five years) in order to renew PR cards, all valid PR cardholders are deemed to have not lost permanent resident status and have the right to enter and remain in Canada during the card’s validity. If, however, the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) officer at the port of entry considers the permanent resident may not meet the residency obligation, the person may be reported to IRCC and may be required to attend a hearing to determine his or her PR status.
A PR card’s expiration date does not indicate that the holder’s status as a permanent resident has expired, or will expire, on that date. It is the date after which the card must be replaced with a new card.
Permanent residents outside Canada
It is not possible to apply for the PR card outside Canada. Instead, permanent residents wishing to travel to Canada who do not have a valid PR card may apply for a single-use Permanent Resident Travel Document (PRTD) which allows a journey to Canada as a permanent resident. The application may only be submitted to Government of Canada offices abroad and the fee is CA$50. The officers abroad will then determine whether the person still has permanent resident status.
Processing times
The processing time for a new PR card for a first time permanent resident is 17 days for first time cards and 24 days for renewal/replacement as of 10 Oct 2019. However, it is not clear as to if it is 11 business days or not.