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Just like passports, driver’s licenses also incorporate several security features. These features include holograms, special paper, and special ink. Our technology allows us to create driver’s licenses efficiently using fewer materials, resulting in relatively lower costs. You can buy real passports online from our platform.

Holograms play a vital role in enhancing the security of passports and driver’s licenses. We employ various techniques to create intricate holograms. One effective method involves using a holographic stamper, where a piece of metal is pressed onto the hologram with significant force. This metal piece can then be utilized as a die to produce new holograms. You can buy real passports online from our platform.

Security ink is another crucial element to consider in document security. There is a range of security inks used in driver’s licenses. We work with thermochromatic inks that change color when exposed to heat or extreme cold, inks that produce different colors from different angles, inks that dissolve upon contact, and inks that appear or disappear under UV light. We have expertise in working with all these ink types.

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